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Published in 2004 by Titan Books. Foreword by Michael Friedlander.

A selection of previously uncollected artwork from the past fifteen years. Amazona presents paintings inspired by Greek mythology, images commissioned for role-playing and computer games, erotic pin-ups, more recent fetish paintings, and of course beautiful Amazonian women.


MEDUSA 1988 / 2002


Medusa, Chris's third book published by Dragon's world in 1988 (white cover) and by Iconia in 2002. Foreword by Patrick Woodroffe and text by Nigel Suckling.

…a book about techniques, a fascinating insight into the methods of a superlative craftsman, and as is quite often the case, a sketch may tell us as much as a finely finished painting, a description of the methods of production may be as interesting as the product itself. In this book we are privileged to admire not only Christo’s preliminary drawings – so dynamic, so immediate – but also the painting process itself. The images take shape before your very eyes.”Extracted from Foreword to Medusa By Patrick Woodroffe.

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SIRENS 1986 / 2009


Originally published by Dragons's World in 1986 (dark front cover), "SIRENS" has been reprited by Titan Books in 2009. Foreword by Ray Harryhausen and text written by Nigel Suckling.

Sirens was Chris's second book with a fantastic collection including Doctor Whoand Star Trek, movies, amazons, fighting fantasy and pin-ups, accompanied by a discussion of his techniques and influences.

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Beauty & the Beast 1978


In 1977, Chris was approached by Roger Dean, the founder of Dragon’s World Ltd and album cover artist for bands such as "YES", who was then having great success with his own book, "VIEWS". The result was Chris’s first published collection, "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST", featuring a mixture of his fantasy, cover and erotic pin-up art. It sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and has been translated into four different languages.

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