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All material on this website is provided for browsing and viewing purposes only. Chris Achilleos holds the copyright for all the images displayed (unless otherwise stated) and you may not copy, modify, distribute or display any of the material available here without his written consent.

For more information about how to arrange a reproduction licence, please contact Achilleos Art.

CLEANBUNNYPersonal use means non-commercial, non profit-making and for domestic use only. If images are taken from this website, you don't need to request permission from the artist, if the copy is made for educational or strictly personal use; but full credit must always be given to the artist. Chris is happy to share his art with his fans and this is very important to him. However, be aware that you are not allowed to copy or distribute them by any means for a commercial purpose (even if there is no profit!) without the artist's written permission. If you are not sure please ask.

Personal and non commercial online use: If you wish to display Chris Achilleos's images on a personal and non-commercial website, permission may be obtained by sending your request to us with a link where the images will be posted. No permission will be granted before we can view your website.

Chris Achilleos would like to thank all of you who have kindly informed him about illegal usage of his work; all help is very much appreciated.

Thank you for respecting the artist's rights and wishes!