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Pencil Drawings

You will be aware that I have been very busy painting lots and lots of paintings over many years. These have been available to view, firstly by their original reproductions which they were commissioned/published for and later in my books, posters, trading cards and now via my website. What is not well known is that for every painting there is quite a lot of drawing done.

I have showed a few of those drawings in my book "SIRENS" and later in the followed up book "MEDUSA". This book came to be published by the demand of my fans to see more of my working practises and especially, my development drawings and sketches.

Those original drawings and sketches have been stored away in one of my plans chest for many years. I am now taking on the task of sorting and preparing them for digital scanning in order to make a record of them and for displaying them on the website. I will also be making them available for sale through my website shop.

I do realise that most people who would like to own an original painting do not have the necessary funds, but perhaps they will be able to afford one or more of my drawings. I will be pricing the drawings on the website in the near future but in the meantime please feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in one of them.